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PG 89

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Size: 155 x 100mm
Paper: 350gsm
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Description at the back: The Jockey Club. Nairobi, Kenya, 1988.
Photographer: Stuart Franklin


By the time Stuart Franklin arrived in Kenya in 1988, the country's permanent white population had fallen by three-quarters since its split from the United Kingdom in the early 1960s. Franklin first learned of the Nairobi Jockey Club, which he calls the "apogee" of segregated white culture in Kenya, from another correspondent living in Nairobi. At that point, black Africans were allowed to join the Jockey Club, but few had. "The white people weren't nasty. They weren't racist or anything. It's just they got used to a kind of class divide," Franklin says. "I think the photo tells that story quite well."  (Quoted from psmag.com)



Stuart Franklin (1956) is a British photographer, and a former President of Magnum Photos (2006–2009).  In 1989, he photographed the uprising in Tiananmen Square and shot one of the Tank Man photographs, first published in Time Magazine, as well as widely documenting the uprising in Beijing earning him a World Press Photo Award.

He also travelled with Greenpeace to Antarctica. He worked on about twenty stories for National Geographic between 1991 and 2009, subjects including Inca conqueror Francisco Pizarro and the hydro-struggle in Quebec and places such as Buenos Aires and Malaysia.

Franklin was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society in 2003. These are awarded to distinguished persons having, from their position or attainments, an intimate connection with the science or fine art of photography or the application thereof.