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Size: 155 x 100mm
Paper: 350gsm
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Description at the back: Mennonites at Cuervo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua. Mexico, 1992.
Photographer: Larry Towell

Larry Towell first encountered the Mennonites near his home in Ontario, Canada, and his friendship with them has gained him unique access to their communities.

Originating in Europe in the sixteenth century, the Mennonites are a Protestant religious sect, related to the Amish. Rather than compromise their way of life, they have continually been forced to migrate around the world to maintain their freedom to live as they choose. The greatest numbers are now found in Mexico, and many live or regularly migrate to work in rural Canada. 

Larry  Towell (1953) is a Canadian photographer, poet, and oral historian.  In 1976 Towell volunteered to work in Calcutta, India, where he became interested in questions about the distribution of wealth and issues of land and landlessness. In 1988, Towell joined the Magnum photo agency, becoming the first Canadian associated with the group. His publication, The World From My Front Porch, has been awarded the Top ten best photo books of 2008, Photo-Eye.