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PG 37
PG 37

PG 37

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Size: 155 x 100mm
Paper: 350gsm
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Description at the back: A mother and her newborn child. Long Island, USA, 1959.  
Photographer: Eve Arnold

This picture of a newborn holding his mother’s finger became a classic – as Arnold wrote herself, “this picture has been used to advertise everything from insurance to corn flakes,” its success funding her subsequent artistic projects around the world.
Eve Arnold (1912-2012) was an American photojournalist. Arnold was particularly noted for her work using available light, concentrating on the image in the lens and eschewing extensive use of photographic lighting and flash. Of this she said "By the time you set up lights the image is gone" in a Guardian interview in 2000. For Arnold, there was no dichotomy:  "I don't see anybody as either ordinary or extraordinary," she said in a 1990 BBC interview, "I see them simply as people in front of my lens.” She also photographed Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth II, Malcolm X, and Joan Crawford. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award, from the Sony World Photography Awards in 2010.