We provide a Write and Send service to SEND CARDS OVERSEAS. Please go to Sending Overseas to select a card. We still are unable to deliver items overseas from Malaysia. Please email us (contact@pigeonpostcard.com) for any inquiries. Thank you.

365 Days Offer

Receive 10% off of all items while you are shopping with Pigeon Postcard anytime within 365 days!

Customers who have spent RM160 within 365 days from the date when they purchase items from Pigeon Postcard will be entitled to this offer.

You will receive a congratulation email from Pigeon Postcard once you have achieved the 365 Days Offer deal. 

* Any amount accumulated below RM160 during the 365 days period will not be considered. A new year’s Accumulation Account will be generated on the first purchase date after the previous 365 days period ends.

Amount spent is the total amount that Pigeon Postcard has received, which may include delivery fees that are paid by a customer.

* This offer will be revised every year or when necessary.


Accumulation Account Example (RM160 spent within 365 days):